ISP / VPN Accounting (Software)

ISP / VPN Accounting (Software)

One of the problem with most ISP / VPN administrator company is user management! they do not have much control on their users or they can not offer their users a powerful panel with many feature (like as see logs, ticketing system, sms feature, bandwidth control,…). Now ServerCAP is ready that offer your business a full feature ISP / VPN accounting software that meet any requirement you want! We show a little feature of our software in following.

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API integration

Our software offer you XMLRPC API so you can integrate it with any software you want.

Resellers Feature

You can provide reseller account with any limitation.(per user count, …)

User Webpanel

Full feature web panel for users that can login and change password and check logs,limitation

User Limitation

You can limit users by Time,Quota,Multi Logins,Speed,MAC,IP,…

RAS Support

It support PPPD,Cisco,Mikrotik,Asterisk,ChilliSpot,Quintom Tenor

IP Pool

You can add IP Pool and assign it to any RAS / VPN Server you want


You can generate reports for Bandwidth Usages,Uplinks,Online users,conection logs


Generate graph for uplinks, users, Bandwidth,…