Terms Of Services

All users should use accounts for secure connections and any illegal use cause service suspension.

All users should responsible about their accounts and servercap is not responsible about their accounts and their usages

Users are not allowed use services for hacking, spamming, attacks usages.

After service suspension servercap is allowed remove your dedicated ip and we do not guarantee assign same ip after payment.

Invoices generate 4 days before service expiration date and users should pay it before account suspension.

All accounts keep 3 days after service suspension and after 3 days they will terminate.

All users can pay their invoices with Bitcoin, OKPAY, Perfect Money. in our CRM.

Invoices generate 7 days before account expiration date and all users should pay their invoice before due date time. 1 day after expiration time they services terminated and ServerCAP has no responsibility about services and data.

We have no refund policy for none of our services so please pay your invoices carefully because there is no option for refund.